Pet Sitters

Ok, if you are like us you don't travel much. Because when you do, you lie at night missing your fur baby. Sure they get up and move around 1000 times at night. They fart in your face and sleep with their paws in undesirable places, which becomes all the more uncomfortable when they dream about chasing that dragonfly (you know what I'm talking about!) but still you miss them. 

No one is ever good enough to stay with your babies, except maybe your mom. But it's always good to have a back up plan. Someone that your babies will love and will love them back. These folks come highly recommended by the people of Winter Garden. 

They medicate (if needed), love, cuddle and sleep with your babies, just like you do. They are simply "paw"some, and for those of us that consider our dogs our babies we can't thank them enough! (When I get rich, Im'ma buy you a boat!!")

Know a "paw"some pet sitter? Please email me with their information at :

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