Expanding the Family

If you are looking to expand the family by a few paws, we are the first ones to say .."yayyyy! Lets have a doggie shower!" 

There are so many pups in shelters bursting with love to give, if that is the route you want to go, give these places a try and of course...SEND US PICTURES!!!

If you are looking for a breeder these folks come highly recommended.

scarlet rose.PNG

Although Polka Dogz has moved out of Winter Garden, to a bigger space (yay!). They are still part of the Winter Garden area, they are also owners of Polka Dots store in the WGV. 

Please consider them if you are thinking of expanding your family. 

Dog Rescues and Shelters


Are you representing a doggie shelter or are you a breeder in Winter Garden? Please send me a message at: